Big Ben Tours

Any UK resident can go on a tour of the Big Ben Clock Tower.

They must, however, apply through their respective MP. Only Romford constituents, therefore, may apply through Andrew's office.
Constituents may only apply for two tickets at a time.

Tours of Big Ben give visitors fantastic views of London from 62 metres up the tower. Visitors learn about the mechanisms which keep the clock working, as well as the tower's history.

If you are a constituent of Andrew's, and would like to go on a tour of Big Ben, you can apply for tickets by emailing Gemma in Andrew's office, on, or calling her on 0207 219 8499.

When applying for tickets, please clearly state your full name, address, and main telephone contact number, as well as that of your guest. You will then be added to our waiting list. As tickets are very sought-after, it is advised that you contact my ofice six months in advance of your proposed tour.


About 'Big Ben'

Big Ben is the nickname of the Clock Tower at the north end of the Palace of Westminster. 'Big Ben', however, is actually the name of the bell, rather than the tower. The Tower's official name is the 'Elizabeth Tower', renamed after Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Before this, it was known simply as 'the Clock Tower'.

Big Ben is one of the most famous landmarks not only in London, but also throughout in the world. Accordingly, it is often used in 'establishing shots' in films set in London.

The majority of the Palace of Westminster burnt down in 1834, and had to be rebuilt. The majority of the new Palace was rebuilt in the neo-Gothic style, according to the designs of Sir Charles Barry. The Clock Tower, however, was designed by Augustus Pugin, who was responsible for many of the interiors of the Palace.

The tower was finished in 1858, and so is now over 150 years old.