Celebrating St. George's Day for England

In Havering and Romford in particular, I witness people carrying out good deeds and showing kindness to their neighbours all the time.

Volunteers dedicating their spare time to community projects and ordinary people standing up for what they believe to be right is a characteristic of our community.

A great example is the “Take a Knife, Save a Life” group who I was privileged to meet last week.

This is absolutely what our patron saint of England, St. George, represents.

An individual who demonstrated honour, bravery and a refusal to give up his faith. This is a perfect representation of England!

Since my election as MP for Romford, I have fought for England to be able to celebrate St. George's Day, by making April 23 a public holiday.

The people of England deserve to be granted a day to demonstrate pride in their country, just as so many other nations throughout the world do to celebrate their heritage and proud traditions.

As I travel up and down the country, I meet people from a wide range of backgrounds, who came to England, or are descendants of immigrants who came to England, who are deeply proud to be part of the English and indeed, British family.

That is why I believe every school should fly the Cross of St. George flag for England, alongside the Union Jack outside their school and in assembly halls.

This would be an important step to achieve social cohesion across what has become a broadly diverse nation.

I am proud that in Havering we always celebrate St. George's Day and our English heritage with great enthusiasm, especially in Romford Market and by flying the Cross of St. George from our Town Hall 365 days of the year. So let the whole country follow our lead!


Article originally published in the Romford Recorder