Latest Government advice on Coronavirus

Last week, the Prime Minister announced the UK is on track to get on top of this virus and turn the tide within the next 12 weeks – but ONLY if we all follow the scientific advice. We can send coronavirus packing in this country, but ONLY if we take the required steps to reduce its peak, easing the pressure on our NHS and protecting thousands of vulnerable people. 

Across the nation people are already taking the necessary steps, based on the scientific advice, to help us prevent the spread of the virus. It’s by this combination of ruthless, determined, collective action, and scientific progress, that we’re already seeing that we will succeed and turn the tide within the next 12 weeks. To achieve this goal, it’s absolutely vital that every single person follows the advice. If we do this together, we will save many thousands of lives.   

Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives. 

Following our plan, and based on scientific advice, we are strengthening the measures we have already taken. On Friday the government told cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants to close. This also applies to nightclubs, theatres, cinemas, gyms and leisure centres. As far as possible, we want people to stay home – that is how we protect our NHS and save lives.   

Moving forward with the Government’s plan:

Now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel. 

We need people to start working from home where they possibly can, and cafes, bars and restaurants must now close.

This advice is particularly important for people over 70, for pregnant women and for those with some health conditions. 

If you, or anyone in your household, has either a high temperature or a new and continuous cough, then you should stay at home for fourteen days.

That means that if possible, you should not go out even to buy food or essentials, other than for exercise, and in that case at a safe distance from others. If necessary, you should ask for help from others for your daily necessities. And if that is not possible, then you should do what you can to limit your social contact when you leave the house to get supplies.

I am asking the people of Romford to listen to the Government advice, if we want to beat this virus we must all change our daily lives. This will be tough but we have to, even if you think you are fit an healthy you could potentially pass on the virus to someone who is vulnerable and could not cope with the virus.

This is a national effort and one we will get through.

So please, Stay at Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.