Productive Party Conference for Andrew

Conservative M.P.s returned to their constituencies in a buoyant mood today, following a positive Party Conference which filled activists and Parliamentarians alike with a renewed sense of vision and purpose.

Andrew Rosindell was among the many Members of Parliament who were able to gain much from a Conference which brought together countless activists from both around the country and around the world, to discuss matters of mutual interest, and to lay out plans to advance the causes of free economies and free societies, both at home and abroad.

Andrew spoke at several events, including a Cardiff University discussion on English devolution and the future of the Union, and a London School of Economics dinner discussing federalism in Britain, and the possibility of ‘English Votes for English Laws’ (EVEL).

The Conservative Party Conference 2015 was widely viewed as a ‘victory Conference’, in which the Conservative Party both celebrated their victory at the recent General Election 2015, and set out their legislative programme for the next five years. Speeches from Chancellor George Osborne set out Conservative plans to build the nation’s infrastructure, and rebalance the country’s economy away from London and the South-East; while Home Secretary Theresa May’s speech set out the arguments in favour of a balanced, controlled immigration policy. Andrew was quick to point out the many similarities between his recent speech introducing his ‘United Kingdom Borders (Control and Sovereignty) Bill’, and the Home Secretary’s speech on immigration.

Describing his overall Conference experience, Andrew said:
I am delighted to have been able to join so many Conservatives here in Manchester in celebration of our party’s victory earlier this year in May, but this Conference has also had a very serious purpose – to lay out our Party’s plan for the next five years.
I believe this Conservative administration, which, by 2020, will have been in power for ten years, can be a truly transformative one. I believe we can, in the vein of Margaret Thatcher, can change the face of our country forever. And that is why we must use the next five years to cement our work to rebalance our economy and society so that everyone in our country, wherever they come from, can benefit from economic growth.
Now we must go out and spread the word that free economies and free societies bring prosperity to all!