An Update on Moped Crime

(Picture above: Andrew demanding answers from Nick Hurd, Minister for Policing and the Fire Service)


An Update On Moped Related Crime

Every day I receive hundreds of communications from my constituents on topics far and wide, but the one issue that is getting higher on the agenda is Crime!  People are fed up of anti-social behaviour in their neighbourhoods, and I’m desperately concerned about the increase in moped related crime in our area. There are two issues that need to be addressed here. Is Havering subsidising the inner London boroughs, and should we have a bigger share of the Metropolitan Police? Secondly, are our forces becoming social workers who have their hands tied to tackle crime head on?

The recent revelation that Havering police are not sufficiently responding to significant incidents within one hour is highly worrying. Whether this is down to teething problems during the transition, or an inherent flaw in the ’tri-borough model’ (East Area Basic Command Unit) waits to be seen. Regardless, the Mayor needs to recognise that more officers are needed in outer London communities such as Romford.

I’m told by government officials that the policy on chasing moped suspects lies with the independent College of Policing. Yet at the same time, frontline police have pleaded with government to free up the red tape to allow them to give chase properly.

I have seen what great a community we have in Havering having lived in Romford all my life, and we all had a reminder of this during the brilliant Havering Show event last Bank Holiday weekend. That is why is it is so frustrating when I see residents comment how they feel unsafe or threatened in their local area by those who have no respect for the authorities or their local community. None of us should have to settle with the demographic and social problems that are encroaching from inner London, I will be demanding that our local Police, the Mayor of London and the Minister of State for Policing give greater priority to ensuring the safety of our borough.

My last correspondence with the police regarding the campaign to tackle these bike gangs was certainly positive. Operation Venice is proactively patrolling hot spot areas where these crimes occur and conducting manhunt activity for all suspects currently wanted as a priority. The authorities are also introducing local crime prevention advice via schools/clubs, and are conducting dedicated days of action on the roadside with roadside checks. To have your say please get involved, contact your local ward councillors and attend your Safer Neighbourhood Team meetings.

Andrew Rosindell MP