Victory for Team 21

Tories increase number of councillors

‘We saved Havering’ were the words of Romford MP Andrew Rosindell having had all twenty one of his prospective Conservative councillors elected at the local elections last Thursday May 3.

At Hornchurch Sports centre, the results were announced just after 3 am in the morning and it slowly became obvious that it was going to be a huge success for the Romford Conservative party.

“Labour tried very hard,” said Mr Rosindell. “It was a huge victory for us and for ‘Keeping Havering Special’. It was a proud day for Romford, we won with such strong majorities, we have now gone from 22 to 25 councillors and are just two short of a majority. I am hopeful that we will be in a position to have a strong Conservative administration that will keep saving Havering,” he said.

Mr Rosindell and his team of twenty one began their campaign in the autumn and have worked hard since then to secure their victory.
“Team 21 was created in the autumn last year and we have worked everyday since then. We have been out every evening and every weekend, we just haven’t stopped.”
When asked what was his key to success, the Romford MP answered, “Being active for four years, genuinely caring about local people and the community, solid hard work and being their for your community.”

If this is another Conservative administration then it will be the fifth consecutive term of a Conservative led administration.

“This has proved that Havering is changing, people are moving here and like Havering for how it is with its Conservative administration and they are voting for that,” added Mr Rosindell.

All of the twenty one candidates were elected and owe their success to the Romford MP who led the campaign from the start.

“I played a big part but I had a great team. A team who worked tirelessly and were a very active part of the community. Together we have saved Havering and have made sure that over the next years we can ‘Keep Havering Special’.

The next full council meeting will now be held on May 23 when the council administration will be decided and announced, “I am very hopeful that it will be another strong Conservative administration, new residents to Havering like the way we run our borough and have clearly voted to ‘Keep Havering Special’.”




by Francesca Lilleystone