School Visits

Every year, Andrew Rosindell welcomes hundreds of school children from Romford to the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

The Palace of Westminster is a fascinating building, with a long and rich history, and a trip up to Parliament can be fantastic opportunity for children to learn about the history and structure of the UK government. Trips up to Central London can also take in nearby central London sights such as the Tate Britain or the National Gallery before heading home. 

For school groups, there are two types of tours - Members Tours, which include only a tour, and Education Service Tours, which include a workshop at the end.

Additionally, if Andrew's schedule allows, there can be an opportunity for children to meet Andrew after their tour or workshop for a short Q&A. This should be booked in (if possible) through Andrew's Westminster Office.

Members Tours should be booked through Scott in Andrew's office, on 0207 219 8475, or
Education Service Tours should be booked directly through the Education Service, on 0207 219 4496.

Please note that tours of all kinds should be booked several months in advance.
Additionally, note that Andrew cannot cover travel costs for school groups.

We look forward to receiving your tour request, and welcoming you to Westminster!