London City Airport Consultation

Over the years, many constituents have expressed their growing concern of the increase of flight noise over Havering.

I have been contacted by London City Airport, regarding the draft master plan which sets a 15-year vision for the period between 2020 and 2035. This document outlines the airport's expansion plans including how they seek to address issues relating to pollution and noise, something which I know is a key issue for those living under the airport’s flight path. Given the congested airspace over London, I am urging residents to make their concerns clear.

The issues of noise and air pollution from the flightpath above Havering are very serious and require scrutiny at all levels. Without careful planning, increases in flights may have a negative impact on the residents of Havering.

Please share your thoughts at The consultation will run until 20th September. More people need to be aware of the potential impact and what measures the Council will be taking.