Westminster News

Reaction to Chequers

This week on Monday 9th July, I attended the Prime Minister’s statement about the Chequers meeting, with Brexit being one of the main focuses.

Offensive Weapons Bill

Following the latest tragic incident in Romford, here are a few of my interventions during the Second Reading of the Offensive Weapons Bill.

Dog Theft Awareness Day

Andrew Rosindell M.P. has signed the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance’s pledge to combat the heartless crime of pet theft.

Animals in Circuses

I thank all of my constituents who have contacted me regarding the Second Reading of the Wild Animals in Circuses (Prohibition) Bill 2016-17.

Andrew asks Government to increase competition in internet industry

This morning, Andrew asked the Minister for the Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey MP,  if his Department was having regular interactions with the Department of Business, Skills and Innovation over increasing alternative investment and competition within the telecommunications sector.