Fighting Crime in Havering

Time to make our communities safe again.

“Havering used to be known for being one of the safest boroughs in the capital and compared to the rest of London, it still is, but things are changing.  I think most local residents will agree there has been a noticeable increase in crime and anti-social behaviour in our area recently. The Crime Survey for England and Wales show crime has decreased by 35 per cent since 2010, this is to be welcomed, but if people do not feel this on the ground clearly more work needs to be done.

Given the recent troubles of moped related crime, the police must tackle these thugs who simply have no respect for the law or our local community. I spoke about policing on BBC Sunday Politics, and highlighted this specific type of crime in the House of Commons Chamber last Monday. I also sought clarification on why the police are not being allowed to do their job, as I have had many reports of police not giving chase to suspects on two wheeled vehicles. It would appear guidance is provided by the College of Policing which is independent from Government. Pursuit of motorcycles is not ruled out in all circumstances, but many factors are taken into account, crucially by the individual officer taking the decision on the ground.

These guidelines state that the vulnerability of the rider is a serious consideration, something which I find baffling. Criminals need to be tackled, and we should stop telling the public to be “more vigilant”, that is not the answer, getting tough with the perpetrators of such crime is what is needed and quickly. I will be raising this with our Havering Borough Commander, Jason Gwillim and East Area Command Unit immediately. We must stamp out this gang culture which is encroaching from inner London as soon as possible.  There is no place for it in Romford, Havering or anywhere else!”

Andrew Rosindell 


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Ardleigh Green meeting about Havering College

On the 26th of November, Andrew joined representatives from across the Ardleigh Green Community for an online zoom meeting to discuss the urgent need to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

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