Tackling Moped and Knife Crime

Havering knife crime: Number of people attacked with a knife nearly doubles this year according to police figures


I welcome the focus on early intervention and prevention to help steer young people away from crime in the first place, while putting in place measures to tackle the root causes of the problem. While we must break the deadly cycle of violence that devastates the lives of individuals, and communities, I have also been a proponent of robust law enforcement.

The police have a vital role to play in tackling violent crime, I stand fully behind stop and search and I see it as a vital tool for the police, we must remove obstacles which stop the police from doing their job properly. This is why I am critical of Sadiq Khans approach to crime, when he said “I'd do everything in my power to cut stop and search”, and Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbot, who seems more concerned about moped criminals being rammed off their bikes by the police, then the defenceless victims they attack and steal from. Common sense must evade the Labour party sometimes, if suspects stop, there would be no need for the police to pursue them.

I made the concerns of Havering’s residents clear to the Prime Minister during my meeting with her this week. The rest of Britain should follow the example of Scotland, where legislation around knife crime was changed so people would be more likely to get mandatory and longer sentences. Those caught with any offensive weapon must feel the full force of the law.

Andrew Rosindell MP