Why I'm Backing Boris for Leader!

This article was originally published on Unredacted.


The next leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party has two vital duties to perform: to leave the European Union properly and then, to beat Jeremy Corbyn in a subsequent General Election. It is my sincere belief that Boris Johnson is the best person for the job. I am Backing Boris for Britain!

At this time of immense constitutional indecision, we need a leader who is prepared to set the UK on a clear, positive and bold course out of the EU and into the world.

Boris will do just that. He understands that we must Leave the EU with or without a deal, because that is what the people voted for in 2016 and in subsequent elections.

The result of the EU Election demonstrates what dire straits the Conservative Party is in after three years of indecision and capitulation over Brexit. Boris knows that if we are to ever win over those who voted for The Brexit Party, we must Leave on the next scheduled withdrawal date of 31st October 2019. No more delays are acceptable to the British people and we need a Prime Minster who gets that.

Having played a key role in the 2016 Leave Campaign and later resigning from his top job in the Cabinet after the Prime Minister’s ‘fake Brexit’ Chequers Plan was revealed, he has demonstrated that he has the talent and steel to stand up for what is right.

But Brexit is only half of the job. The next leader must also beat the most dangerous threat to UK prosperity in recent memory, that of the left-wing socialist Jeremy Corbyn.

I’ve known and worked with Boris for decades and it is clear that he is a proven winner, having achieved the seemingly impossible task of winning the London Mayoralty not just once, but twice as a Conservative.

I have had the pleasure of hosting Boris to my constituency of Romford on multiple occasions. Every time Boris visits he is bombarded by people from all walks of life who are rushing to meet him. Boris has universal appeal and an omnipresent winning touch. As our new Prime Minister and Party Leader, Boris will build a fresh new team around him to take our country and party forward.

Boris will inject the party with leadership, positivity, enthusiasm and the X Factor. Boris will deliver Brexit and Boris will beat Corbyn! That is why I am Backing Boris to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom!