Promoting Patriotism

Since his election in 2001, Andrew Rosindell has campaigned consistently to promote patriotism throughout England and the UK.

For many years, he has campaigned to have the Union Jack flown from important public buildings throughout the UK, and in 2010, was successful in his campaign to have the it flown from the Houses of Parliament all year round, not just when Parliament was sitting.

Additionally, he has worked tirelessly to reclaim the Cross of St. George from English nationalists who have done much to associate it solely with racism and hooliganism, and to make St. George’s Day a national holiday in England.

In addition to his work on flags, Andrew has also campaigned for patriotism to be taught in schools.

Regarding his work on patriotism, Andrew has said:

Patriotism is an important force which binds nations together. In modern, diverse Britain, it is important that we have common culture and set of values to which we all adhere.

Flags, national holidays, celebrations of British identity – all of these help to bring people together. We should teach children from a young age just how lucky they are to live in Britain. It is, after all, a wonderful country with a fascinating history and an exciting future. It has survived precisely because of a successful set of tried and tested values, and these must remain at core of everything we do.

Across the world, children are taught to love their countries and to stand shoulder to shoulder under their national flag. In Britain, we seem to only become patriotic at football and rugby games. As important as this is, we need both adults and children to feel part of something magnificent. What people need to understand is that our flag and national anthem give us all - irrespective of background - something to look up to and rally around. It is vitally important for social cohesion in the long term.